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X-Ray Auto Film Processor (GAP-201)

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  • Standards/CertificateSFDA, Certificate of Design Registration (X-Ray Auto Film Processor Gear), CE
  • Patents

[Gmedi Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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We put top priority on customer's
Health and satisfaction.

The GAP-201 medical automatic film processor is easy to control and can be used to develop general medical X-ray films. The developing time, fixation time and temperature of dry heater and running speed are adjustable. The level developer and fixative is Automatically controlled and you can always get the best image.


  • Easy to control using microprocessor chip
  • Best durabillity and adequate humidity
  • Minimum space for installation
  • Various developing time among the selection of 90/120/180/210 sec
Operation Panel
The operation panel is compact in size and is Equipped with simple mode control keys. The Running speed and time, dev/ fix/wash replenish, Dev/.fix temperature, dry temperature can be easily Set using the mode key and the up/ down key

Silent System
The GAP-201 is constructed to run silently with specially designed drying System and solution circulation system.

World Best Image
The GAP-201 dev / fix / wash replenishment and dev / fix thermal control is fully adjustable. The microprocessor control chip consistently delivers world best image. The processing tank is covered to prevent oxidation and dust free Of solutions.

Max Zone

Fully Adjustable Supply
Developing and fixation solutions are automatically pumped into the processing Tank from the replenish tanks when the level is low.

Automatic Replenishment Supply
If this mode is selected additional developing and fixation solutions are Automatically pumped into the processing tank when a film is inserted.

Stand-By Mode
Stand-by mode can be set for 10,20 and 30 minutes to save energy

Special Developing Control System
Special developing control system If the film sensor doss not work, only the Main control motor, dry heater and dry fan operate. (U mode)

Special Delay Circulation Mode System
In this mode, if the machine does not run, there is not enough developer and /or Fixative and runs when enough solutions are replenished from the reservoir.


We Have developed replenishment Pump and Circulation pump which are essential parts of film developer after a long-time research Those Parts satisfy world standards that are applicable to almost all types of Film processor.

Replenishment Pump and Circulation pump are acidophilic and feature High endurance with silent functions. They are also applicable to other range of business besides medical equipment and can be Purchased separately.


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